Wither the Oath – Article By Datuk Joy Appukuttan

Wither the Oath – Article By Datuk Joy Appukuttan [i]

The Federal Constitution makes it mandatory that before Ministers or Deputy Ministers can exercise any of the functions of his office, he must first take his oath of office, allegiance and secrecy before His Majesty, the King. [ii]

Similarly, the Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat cannot assume his duties until he takes the oath of office and allegiance. [iii] Read more »

Parliament Should Not Sit In Vain – Article By Datuk Joy Appukuttan

Parliament Should Not Sit In Vain [i] By Datuk Joy Appukuttan [ii]

A. Introduction

It is reported that the Dewan Rakyat will convene on 18th May 2020 but for only one day. The sitting is being held only to discuss government bills and matters. [iii] The report apparently also states that there will be no oral and written question sessions or motions in light of Covid 19 pandemic. Read more »

Community Service - The Alternative Form of Sentencing Article By Datuk Joy Appukuttan

Community Service - The Alternative Form of Sentencing [1] By Datuk Joy Appukuttan [2]

1. Introduction

Until recently, many offenders of the Prevention And Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures Within the Infected Local Areas) Regulations 2020 [3] (“Regulation”), were subjected to the maximum fine of RM1,000-00 and in some cases custodial sentences. Read more »

Till Christ Is Formed…

“The rich man replied, “Father, I beg you then to send Lazarus to my rich father’s house, since I have five brothers, to give them warning so that they do not come to this place of torment…..” (Lk 16:29).

As I reflect on this passage of this Sunday’s gospel reading (Luke 1: 19-31), I reminiscent on the loss of our dear priests and religious recently.

This year alone we have lost Frs Henriot, Phillips Muthu and Peter Kim from our KL Archdiocese and Fr Richard Khoo from the Kuching Archdiocese. Not to forget, Sr Teresa Chong (Carmelite) and many others. Read more »

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah: We Should Have An Elected Prime Minister

This was suggested by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah in his keynote address to Harmony Malaysia's National Conference on 'Our Malaysian Journey - Still in the Making.'

The event, held at the International Institute of Advance Islamic Studies, saw the presences of academicians and members of the legal profession amongst others.

Also present at the event is centenarian, Samuel Kam Sheung Woo, former CEO of Lam Soon. Read more »

Viewpoint: Silence Not An Option For Us - By Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan

The sight of the youngsters in handcuffs and chains had a profound effect on many of us who saw them.

I remember trying to make them feel better by saying that I too had been arrested. But it sounded hollow.

I had a battery of lawyers and friends by my side. I was not handcuffed and chained. They were alone, and I will never forget the fear in their eyes. Read more »

Viewpoint: Synod On The Family By Dr Jeffrey Goh

Dr Jeffrey Goh was invited to participate as an Adiutor at the recent Extraordinary Synod on the Family held at Vatican City in October 5-19, 2014.

With all that media-hype on so-called “hot-button” issues, there were some questions understandably gravitated around “controversial” topics. Concerning these issues, he has written the article below to explain the Synod and shares his experience. Read more »

Viewpoint: Of tinted glass and Jesus Christ – By Sairana Mohd Saad

The first time I looked at it, I was reminded of Notre Dame de Paris. The second time I looked at it, it looked like a beautiful piece of artwork. The third time I looked at it, I saw the name of my alma mater.

And suddenly I am transformed into the young, skinny Assuntarian with so many black marks that most school prefects had raised their white flag to.

The discipline council too. Assunta was not just the name of my primary and secondary schools. It was also the name of the hospital in which I was born. Read more »

Viewpoint: Malaysia On The Edge In Its Early Days - By Professor Michael Leigh

The declaration of Malaysia, on Sept 16 1963, ushered in the start of the two most tumultuous years for Asia’s newest nation.

From late 1963, Indonesia ramped up its confrontation, viewing this “neocolonial” creation as an affront to the non-aligned movement; to the peoples of a region emerging from colonial rule and to Indonesian leadership of the region, particularly of the Indonesian diaspora (known here as “the Malay world”). Read more »

Viewpoint: Sarawak And The Federation - By Professor Michael Leigh

Once the Sarawak Alliance had secured a clear majority of seats in the Council Negri, the next questions were who would form the cabinet, who would be the chief minister and who the governor.

Each of the successful parties had their own idea as to who should lead, as did the colonial authorities and the Malayan Alliance leaders.

Abdul Rahman Yakub was amongst those Barisan Rakyat Jati Sarawak (BARJASA) members favoured by Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and Ghazali Shafie. Read more »

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