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Sensitizing The Community On Their Constitutional Rights

The Catholic Lawyers Society (CLS) resumed its talks this year with sessions held at the Church of St Francis of Assisi, Cheras on 30 June 2012.

The sessions included the rights and responsibility to vote and constitutional rights of freedom of religion as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Two concurrent sessions were held in Tamil and Bahasa Malaysia. Read more »

Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Meets CLS Committee

The Catholic Lawyers Society (CLS) Committee Members 2012/2013 recently met with His Grace Archbishop Murphy Pakiam.

CLS Spiritual Advisor, Fr. Jestus Pereira was in attendance, together with CLS Advisor Dato’ Peter Mooney. Also present were current and past CLS Committee Members and several CLS members. Read more »

CLS Announcement: Committee Members For 2012/13 Elected

Catholic Lawyers Society Kuala Lumpur is pleased to announce that the following members were elected as office-bearers of the Committee 2012/13 at the 18th Annual General Meeting held on Mar 20, 2012. Read more »

Sabah Catholic Lawyers Hold Inaugural Red Mass 2012

Like other professions, members of the legal fraternity are called and chosen by God.

As such, they must respond and justify the call by performing good deeds in their profession as well as daily life.

This reminder came from Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu, Datuk John Lee when he celebrated the Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, known as Red Mass, the first of its kind in Sabah, at the Church of Mary Immaculate in Bukit Padang, Saturday. Read more »

Bishop Cornelius Sim: Homily For Red Mass 2012

The beginning of a new year means different things to different people.

One of our young ladies was involved in a car accident just before the New Year and will be spending the next 3 months immobilised due to a broken hip. She nevertheless was quite cheerful when I called her on the phone before I left.

Despite the pain and inconvenience, she is still able to count her blessings. Read more »

Red Mass Celebration 2012

The Catholic Lawyers' Society Kuala Lumpur celebrated its 18th Annual Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit on 7 January 2012 at the Church of St. Thomas More, USJ Subang Jaya (STM).

The Mass, popularly known as the Red Mass was presided by His Grace, Rt. Rev. Cornelius Sim, DD, Apostolic Vicar, Brunei (Bishop of Brunei).

Con-celebrants were His Grace Archbishop Murphy Pakiam, Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Rev. Fr. Jestus Pereira, the Society’s Ecclesiastical Assistant and Rev. Fr. Simon Labrooy, parish priest of STM. Read more »

CLS Press Statement - Repeal of ISA is timely

Joy Appukuttan
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2011 Sep 17

KL Prelate echoes MCCBCHST’s call for prayer

Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Murphy Pakiam (left) had called on his faithful to dedicate each Friday to pray for the leaders of our nation to have it in their hearts and minds to find the understanding, truth, respect, compassion and most of all, the wisdom, to justly govern Malaysia in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Constitution.

Through his pastoral letter dated 11 Aug 2011 to all the parishes in the Archdiocese, the Archbishop shared concern over the recent raid by Jabatan Agama Islam (Jais) at the thanksgiving dinner held by Damansara Utama Methodists Centre (DUMC) on 3 Aug 2011. Read more »

CLS Celebrates 17 years Of Its Founding

Over 200 guests and members got together to celebrate the Catholic Lawyers' Society’s 17th anniversary of its founding.              

The event, held last night at the Oriental Banquet Restaurant, Petaling Jaya saw the presence of the Society’s Ecclesiastical Assistant Rev. Fr. Jestus Pereira and Society’s advisor, Dato’ Sir Peter Mooney. Guest included fellow Catholic, Y B Teresa Kok and Rev Fr. Clarence Dass, editor of Catholic Asian News. Read more »

Hidup! Hidup! Hidup Rakyat! Bebas! Bebas! Bebas PSM-6!

“Somebody in authority with conscience, please release PSM-6”, that was the cry of Datuk Dr. Ambiga Sreenvasan at the candle light vigil held last night at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, which was greeted by loud cheers from the congregating crowd that included several members of the CLS.

Those gathered came in support for the release of Dr. Michael Jeyakumar, M Saraswathy, Choo Chon Kai, M Sukumaran, A Letchumanan and Sarat Babu. Read more »

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