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MCCBCHST: Dr. Hasan Ali’s Statement Has Tendency To Incite And Create Religious Tensions

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) supports the statement by Bishop Dr. Paul Tan Chee Ing and other Christian leaders that Dr. Hasan’s recent statements have the tendency to incite and create religious tensions.

The MCCBCHST is disturbed at the numerous statements made by Dr. Hasan Ali accusing Christian missionaries of trying to proselytise Muslims but has not shown any proof to date and his statements at best amount to innuendous and insinuations. Read more »

LENTEN CAMPAIGN 2012: What Is Happening to Our Children’s Education?

Catholic Teachers’ Association, Malaysia
Creation date: 
2012 Feb 15

Catholic Lay Associations, Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur: Lenten Campaign 2012: What Is Happening to Our Children’s Education?

This Lent, in response to the theme “Listen To That Voice” we need to remind ourselves that right is right, even when nobody is doing it, and wrong is wrong, even if everybody is doing it.

One person on the side of God’s moral order is a majority.

Therefore, participation in the transformation of our nation’s education system constitutes a dimension of the preaching of the Gospel. (cf. Pope John Paul II in America - Talks given on the Papal Tour 1987) Read more »

Bishop To Hasan: Stop Joking, Seriously

Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing described the latest claims on alleged Christian proselytisation of Muslims by Hasan Ali as “hilarious if not for their nature which would tend to inflame the feelings of the credulous.”

“I pray and hope people are not that credulous because what he says has the tendency to incite people but, frankly, on reading some of the things he imputes to so-called Christian missionaries, my first impulse is to laugh,” said the head of the Catholic Church in the Melaka-Johor diocese. Read more »

Cardinal: Bishops must cooperate with police on Abuse cases

The Vatican's doctrinal chief on Monday (Feb. 6) told Catholic bishops from all over the world that they have a duty to "cooperate" with civil law on cases of clergy sexual abuse of minors.

Cardinal William J. Levada, a former archbishop of San Francisco who now heads the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with jurisdiction over abuse cases, stopped short, however, of requiring bishops to report abuse cases to prosecutors or police. Read more »

Christianity, Religion Risk Oblivion In Many Parts Of World, Pope Says

Christianity and even religious belief are in grave danger across the globe, risking oblivion, Pope Benedict XVI said.

"Across vast areas of the earth, faith runs the danger of extinguishing like a flame that runs out of fuel," he said.

The world faces "a profound crisis of faith, and a loss of a sense of religion constitutes the biggest challenge for the church today," he said. Read more »

Students May Soon Mix With Politics

Students and faculty members at Malaysian universities are again asserting themselves and their right to fully participate in the political life of the nation.

The University and University Colleges Act 1971 (UUCA) severely curtailed this right in an apparent attempt to prevent universities from becoming political hotbeds. But a wave of change is about to sweep through campuses as more enlightened members of the government begin to see that the UUCA has run its course. Read more »

Pope Explains The Meaning Of 'Justice' And 'Peace'

On January 13, Pope Benedict XVI held his annual private audience with members of the Italian police force that serves at the Vatican.

"Defending public order, especially in an area so heavily frequented by tourists and pilgrims from all over the world, is no simple task", the Pope acknowledging, thanking the police officers for their work.

Read more »

Bishop Fears Hasan Is Upping The Ante

Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing says Selangor state exco member in charge of Islamic affairs, Hasan Ali, is taking his “campaign of McCarthyism against the bogey of Christian proselytising of Muslims to heights that make a mockery of those lunch meetings between the prime minister and church leaders”.

The bishop, who is head of the Catholic Church in the Malacca-Johor diocese, said: “I must say the irony here is exquisite. Just as Christian leaders emerge from what was supposedly a convivial meeting with the prime minister, you have this religious charlatan publicly declaiming on a threat that so far, at least, exists only in the fevered imagination of a few.” Read more »

CFM's New Year's Message To The PM

This is the New Year message which was to be delivered by Bishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing, chairman of the Christian Federation of Malaysia, as an expression of CFM’s concerns to the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia at a lunch hosted by the Prime Minister on 4 January 2012.

However, Bishop Datuk Ng was not given the opportunity to present this formally at the lunch. Read more »

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