Free Legal Clinics

Free legal clinicThe Catholic Laywyers Society Kuala Lumpur (CLS) provides Free Legal Clinics as one of its good causes for the community.

These clinics aim to help the poor and the needy to gain access to justice.

The legal advisors are volunteer members who are themselves professional lawyers and work in legal firms or run their own practice.

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Benefit the Poor and Needy

The legal clinics help the poor and the needy to gain access to justice. Most of these individuals come from poor educational backgrounds and are unaware of their legal rights and the availability of welfare benefits to alleviate their suffering.

Advice on Personal Cases

The clinic provides advice on personal issues and the individual must be present in person at the clinic.

The clinic generally serves as the first contact point for persons seeking legal advice on their grievances or disputes on employment, family, housing, immigration & nationality, debt, crime, mental health, personal injury, public law, welfare benefits, community care, and others.

Collaborate with Catholic Parishes

CLS members are practising Catholics; hence, they provide a Catholic perspective when giving advice. The clinics are organised in collaboration with Catholic parishes.


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