Bar Council: Stand Up, Speak Out And Unite Against Ethnic And Religious Extremists

The Malaysian Bar welcomes the recent call by the Prime Minister for all Malaysians not to pay heed to the extremist elements in Malaysia.

The Prime Minister has succinctly identified the dangers, for Malaysia and Malaysians, of pandering to these elements, describing their actions as wrong and tending to destroy the trust between races.

He has warned that we must not let these instigators overpower us.

The Malaysian Bar echoes the call by the Prime Minister for us as citizens to come together and support each other in building trust, cohesion and unity for the preservation of harmony. The reminder by the Prime Minister for us to have faith in ourselves and our fellow Malaysians does not come too late.

The Malaysian Bar supports the call by Lim Kit Siang for all moderate Malaysians to stand together and unite to isolate extremists and traitors who wish to create chaos by inciting racial and religious hatred, conflict and tension.

All quarters should rise above politics in addressing and working for harmony and unity. Support each other towards the common goal, and endeavour to stamp out extremism in our country. There should be no place for bullies, bigots and racists. The issue of ethnic and religious tension is far too serious a matter for games of political one-upmanship.

We encourage all Malaysians to heed the Prime Minister’s call to continue working together for a cohesive and united Malaysia.

Christopher Leong
Malaysian Bar

4 March 2014

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