Beatitudes, As Promises - By Pope Benedict XVI

The beatitudes which Jesus proclaimed are promises.

In the biblical tradition, the beatitude is a literary genre which always involves some good news, a ‘gospel’, which culminates in a promise.

Therefore, the beatitudes are not only moral exhortations whose observance foresees in due time – ordinarily in the next life – a reward or a situation of future happiness.

Rather, the blessedness of which the beatitudes speak consists in the fulfilment of a promise made to all those who allow themselves to be guided by the requirements of truth, justice and love.

In the eyes of the world, those who trust in God and His promises often appear naïve or far from reality. Yet Jesus tells them that not only in the next life, but already in this life, they will discover that they are children of God, and that God has always been, and ever will be, completely on their side.

They will understand that they are not alone, because He is on the side of those committed to truth, justice and love. Jesus, the revelation of the Father’s love, does not hesitate to offer Himself in self-sacrifice.

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Once we accept Jesus Christ, God and man, we have the joyful experience of an immense gift: the sharing of God’s own life, the life of grace, the pledge of a fully blessed existence.

Jesus Christ, in particular, grants us true peace, which is born of the trusting encounter of man with God.

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