Church Celebrates The Feast Of The Blessed Trinity

Today is Trinity Sunday and for most Catholics, the Trinity means geometry and equilateral triangles!

Or perhaps they grapple with the idea of “three persons, and yet one God”, and give up.

Yet the Trinity is among the most sublime truths of our faith.

The New Testament is our best teacher about God. How does it help us understand what God is? What insights do we gain about God’s nature?

Jesus comes to us through the pages of the four Gospels. Jesus is the “human face” of God. Which means, that if anyone wishes to know what God is, and how God deals with us, he should just look at Jesus. In Jesus we find a person kind and compassionate, filled with the desire to serve others even at the cost of his life. We find someone who stood so firmly for the right values that he was killed for it.

But Jesus didn’t just die and disappear. He promised to be with all who keep faith with him, with his disciples. He does this through the power of his Resurrection, or more simply, through his Spirit of courage, joy and peace. His presence is with us always as the Holy Spirit. Whenever we pray to Jesus, we invoke his Spirit, and this Spirit in turn re-creates in us the likeness of Jesus. Prayer is our way into this mysterious reality.

The more we pray to Jesus in his Spirit, the more we are led to the source of all goodness, truth and beauty – the more we are led to the Father, the origin of all that is. “God so loved the world,” says today’s Gospel, “that he gave us his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him should not die, but have everlasting life.”

This ‘everlasting life’ is the life of God himself, the love which he has for us and which he shares with us in what we call grace, that transforming effect of God’s love, which makes us beautiful, and reveals to us what we truly are.

Each time we pray we sign ourselves, “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,” the formula of the Trinity par excellence. But actually, it is Jesus who comes first, who leads us, through his Spirit, to his Father. His is the human face of God which attracts us, and guides us in wisdom, love and power to the One who is beyond all form and shape, the ‘Father’ and origin of all being. It is because of Jesus that we dare to say “Our Father”. And no one can truly say “Jesus is Lord !” except in the Holy Spirit.

May the blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit come upon us, and be with us always.

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