CLS Celebrates Advisor’s 90th Birthday

The Society recently celebrated the 90th Birthday of Sir Dato Dr. Peter Mooney, the Society's advisor. Dato Peter was born in Donegal, Ireland on 22 May 1923. He graduated from University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.

The Irish barrister came to Sarawak as Crown Counsel in 1953. He left as Sarawak State Attorney General in 1961. For his services to the Church in Malaysia, he was conferred the honour of Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great by His Holiness Pope John Paul II on 26th October 2003.

For his services to the nation, he was knighted by His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor in 1985. In 1986, he was appointed Honorary Consul of Ireland in Malaysia. 

Present at the celebration were His Grace Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam, Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, His Lordship, Anthony Selvanayagam, Bishop Emeritus of Penang, Rt Rev Frs Jestus Pereira, Clarence Dass and Michael Raymond OFM Cap, Mr Shane Stephens representing the Irish Ambassador, Dato Peter Mooney’s adopted son, The Honourable Tuan Mat Ghani Abdullah, YB Teresa Kok and over 50 members and guests.

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Dato Peter Mooney arriving at the function
The evening began with the President, Viola Decruz's address. She explained the contributions of Dato Peter to the Society. She said through Dato’ Peter’s initial meeting on 23rd March 1992 with 12 Catholic lawyers at his home, the Society has grown to a membership of over 100 members. Archbishop Pakiam in his speech expressed his gratitude to Dato Peter for all his services rendered to the Church. His Grace highlighted some of Dato Peter’s contribution. Some of these include, his establishment of the Sri Seronok retirement home, setting up of the Hospis centre, being a member of board of governors for Assunta Hospital and Stella Maris Schools, to name a few.

A slide presentation was produced in honour of Dato Peter Mooney. Trevor Padasian then read out a poem by Prof. Dr. Ghazali Musa one of Dato Peter Mooney’s adopted sons. The poem is as follows;


My Dad is the source of my knowledge, power and wisdom

My Dad anticipates my every need and always puts me first in his life’s agenda

My Dad empathises with my every grief and sadness and rejoices in my every dream and achievement

My Dad is my life’s greatest blessing.

My Dad is the wind beneath my wings.

Dato Peter was overwhelmed by the occasion and in his speech thanked everyone for their support. In his usual and humble self, he gave thanks and praise to God for all his achievements and reminded all that everything is done for His Glory. He quotes Psalm 115 and Rudyard Kipling’s poem, NON Nobis Domine. The poem reads as follows:

Not unto us, O Lord!

The Praise or Glory be

Of any deed or word;

For in Thy Judgment lies

To crown or bring to nought

All knowledge or device

That Man has reached or wrought.

And we confess our blame—

How all too high we hold

That noise which men call Fame,

That dross which men call Gold.

For these we undergo

Our hot and godless days,

But in our hearts we know

Not unto us the Praise.

O Power by Whom we live—

Creator, Judge, and Friend,

Upholdingly forgive

Nor fail us at the end:

But grant us well to see

In all our piteous ways-

Non nobis Domine!—

Not unto us the Praise!

The evening ended with more fellowship.

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