CLS Press Statement: Inter-Religious Relations In Jeopardy

The Catholic Lawyers’ Society, Kuala Lumpur (CLS) condemns the acts of violence and provocation by irresponsible individuals in Penang.

Certain quarters are out to create trouble, tarnish the image of the country and instil fear in the people of Malaysia especially the Christians.

We call on the authorities to take action against these irresponsible elements in order to maintain peace and harmony in the country.

Christian Church leaders have called on the people to remain calm despite threats of demonstrations, intimidation, the burning of effigies and pictures of a Catholic priest, the call to investigate a Catholic priest for sedition, provocative banners, slogans and chants and Molotov cocktails being thrown onto church grounds. It appears that thus far, no action has been taken against the perpetrators. 

CLS is dismayed that the Prime Minister has backtracked on his commitment to see an amicable resolution when he recently claimed that the 10-Points Solution is subject to Federal & State Laws. This appears to be contrary to item 7 of the 10-Points Solution that directs all civil servants to give effect to the 10-Points Solution.

CLS is of the view that it is incumbent upon the Government to find a solution to the problems faced by the people including the minority. The 10-Point Solution initiated by the Government in 2011 and reaffirmed recently does not offer any solution so long as the Christian community is besieged with unlawful raids by the Islamic religious authorities. The Government must accept that the solution lies in recognizing and accepting the Federal Constitution as the supreme law.

Malaysians are generally peace loving people and this must be promoted in a greater way. Whilst certain individuals were creating fear and violent acts in Penang, others promoted peace by handing out flowers and chocolates in KLCC Park. This is indeed a marvellous example of tolerance and respect for others and CLS welcomes and encourages more acts of peace and harmony in this country.

Let not the subversive acts of a few hijack this wonderful peace loving nation of ours.

Viola Decruz Silva
President 2013/14

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