CLS Press Statement: Stop The Discussions On Herald Case!

Recently there has been a spate of reports and discussions reported in the media with respect to the Herald Case.

As recent as 17 February 2009, TV-1 (RTM-1) aired a program entitled ISU@1 where a panel consisting of a “selective group” discussed the issue concerning the use of the term “Allah” with reference to the Herald Case.

The views of the panellists in the program were biased. The views expressed in the program are attempts to interfere with the proceedings in the Herald Case even before the Kuala Lumpur High Court could adjudicate on the matter.

The Catholic Lawyers’ Society, Kuala Lumpur expresses great concern over the continued discussions on the Herald Case when the matter is still pending before the Court.

All parties must show restraint in their discussions related to the Herald Case as the matter is sub judice. There must be greater respect advocated to the judiciary and the laws of our country.

TV 1 (RTM-1) in airing the program ISU@1 on 17 February 2009 and the recent media reporting opinion(s) of third parties has caused anxiety amongst the public and should refrain from airing such further or similar programs and/or publications until the Kuala Lumpur High Court has finally disposed of the matter.

Dated: 20th February 2009

Mabel Sabastian

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