CLS Retreat 2014

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Retreatants with Retreat Master Archbishop John Ha

The Catholic Lawyers’ Society held its annual retreat in the city of Kuching in Sarawak from 29th August to 1st September 2014.

The venue was the peaceful setting of the Home for Retired Priests situated in a suburb of Kuching. 

The members (and spouses) who attended the retreat were privileged to have as their retreat director the Archbishop of Kuching, Most Rev. John Ha.

Joining the retreatants from the CLS were members of the Catholic legal fraternity from Kuching and Miri in Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.

The theme of the retreat was the call made by God to Abraham: “I will make you a great nation” and the covenant made with Abraham: “You will be my people, I will be your God”. The theme of the retreat had both a spiritual and intellectual dimension in that the retreatants were asked to reflect on God’s call to Abraham by analogy to God’s finger at work in the national history of Malaysia, our national history as part of salvation history and our role as lawyers in both church and country. The covenant made with Abraham was compared to the social contract in Malaysia.

The retreatants attended daily Eucharist during the retreat and prayed the Divine Office and observed the Holy Hour.

The members of the Catholic legal fraternity of Kuching were splendid hosts who took care of all the logistics which ensured a comfortable and memorable stay for the retreatants.

In concluding the retreat, Archbishop John Ha drew an analogy of the first ever combined retreat of Catholic lawyers from the 3 components parts of Malaysia to Jesus reference in the Gospel to faith as a mustard seed which although small would one day grow into something much greater.

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