Himpunan Hijau: Lynas Get Out!

Lynas, and all those evil dark forces who collude with them, should come to their senses now. Malaysians will not tolerate anymore insult from them!

Lynas’ demand for an apology, including their threat to sue the people and a group of esteemed organizations who represent millions of righteous citizens of Malaysia, has further intensified the peoples’ anger.

“Can we Malaysians take this sort of insult and allow a foreign corporate colonizer to step into our land and threaten us? Where is our self-respect, fellow Malaysians if we don’t stand up now”, said Wong Tack, the chairperson of the Himpunan Hijau Steering Committee.

We are also appalled by the heinous statement by the Australian High Commission in Malaysia that Lynas must be treated “fairly” since they have so-called complied with all laws and regulations. Let us make it clear again. We all know that there were serious violations of all laws, regulations and procedures right from the beginning. Furthermore, you’ll never take something from someone’s house just because their doors are not securely locked because you know that stealing is wrong. Thus, this sort of irresponsible statement from a High Commission of an advanced country like Australia shows a blatant disrespect for environmental justice and human rights.

We, the people of Malaysia strongly objected this statement. We will see you on 28 April 2012. Meet us at your High Commission’s gate at 12 noon to explain to us the meaning of your statement and to receive a coffin as a symbolic protest of the risk of innocent people dying from radioactive pollutions from Lynas.

All Malaysians, particularly the people of Kuantan, must earnestly come to the realization that this critical issue is now right at your doorsteps. It will have an immediate adverse irreversible impact to your community and the well being of your future generations. Should you remain as a bystander? Even if you are a physically challenged person or wheel-chair bound, you should still consider to be there. We will be there to assist you. Just let us know. If you don’t act now, who will? If you don’t help yourself, who will?

“If a trip to KLCC on the 28 April 2012 is too far and troublesome for you, then you’ll have to prepare on how to explain to your children and grandchildren in times to come”, said Wong Tack.

Himpunan Hijau is calling for every citizen of Kuantan to show up on 28 April 2012, 12 noon at KLCC. We are calling for all businesses to take a day off and allow their employees to participate. We are calling for people who can afford to sponsor buses. Each and every one of us must do what we can.

This is the final strike! We must finish off Lynas!

Keputusan Rakyat Muktamad. Lynas Berambus!
(People has decided, Lynas Get Out!)

Pilihan di Tangan Kita!

Steering Committee of HIMPUNAN HIJAU

Members of the Himpunan Hijau Steering Committee :
Wong Tack (Chairperson), Andansura Rabu, Bang Seet Ping, Clement Chin Yee Kaing, Lee Chean Chung, Lee Chin Chen, Nasrun Amir, Ooi Boon Seng, Dr. Phua Kia Yaw and V.Arumugam.

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