MCCBCHST: Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang’s (Hadi) View Is Dangerous, Extreme And Divisive

1. PAS president Hadi is reported to have written in Harakah daily making following assertions (STAR-25-12/2017):

a. Malaysian Government must be led by a Muslim and Malay Bumiputra
b. The head of Government and his cabinet members must profess the religion of Islam and must be from the most influential race.
c. Islam provides more rights to non-Muslims.

2. Free Malaysia Today on 26 December 2017 reported PAS information chief Nasarudin Hasan justifying that PAS President has been misquoted and what he had meant was that “Malay Muslims to be the core of the country's political system and administrative structure based on Islamic Jurisprudence”.

3. We would remind PAS that the Supreme Law of the Federation as declared by Article 4 is the Federal Constitution. The effect of the words “Supreme Law” is that the norms of the constitution has higher legal validity than any other rules or laws enacted by Parliament or States, be of a Primary or Secondary status, of peace time or during emergency and of secular or theocratic nature.

4. The call by Hadi for only Malay Muslims to be the core of the country's political system and administrative structure based on Islamic Jurisprudence, is contrary to the Federal Constitution. The Federal Constitution was enacted to protect and provide for all Malaysians. The constitution does not impose any requirement of race or religion for the appointment of members of the executive branch of the government. Article 43(2) governs such appointments.

5. It is secularism is the corner stone to the harmonious living for all Malaysians. Less we overlook that many Malaysians regardless of race and religion fought the insurgence of the communist and risked their lives defending the sovereignty of the country. The road to independence too, was made possible through the collaboration of all races.

6. The sheer growth and development of the nation was made possible through the hard work of Malaysians of different cultural, racial and religious background. This is the uniqueness of Malaysia.

7. We must be in the forefront to further develop our diversity towards a better Malaysia instead of spurring rhetoric’s that harms the fabric of our nation.

8. The various religions in our beloved country promotes a common ethos of peace, harmony and mutual respect.

9. PAS should now heed the call to embrace and develop the nation towards a more cohesive society, emphasizing on the elements of mutual respect and unity for the common good.

10. The race and religion card has been overplayed. This must end immediately! The energy of all Malaysians especially politicians should be channelled towards further developing a society filled with mutual understanding and respect.


Statement issued and endorsed by:

1. Datuk Mohan Shanmugan - Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS)

2. Sardar Jagir Singh - Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC)

3. DaoZhang Tan Hoe Chieow - Federation of Taoist Associations Malaysia (FTAM)

4. Archbishop Julien Leow Beng Kim - Christian Federation Malaysia (CFM)

5. Venerable Sin Kan - Malaysia Buddhist Association (MBA)

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