Merdeka Centre Survey: 83pct Of Malays Believe 'Allah' Term Only For Muslims

A whopping 83 percent of Malays believe that the word ‘Allah' belongs absolutely to Muslims.

Only 10 percent of Malays believe that the word was not exclusively for Muslims. The remaining respondents were unsure, or refused to give an answer.

This was based on a Merdeka Centre survey of 1,021 respondents between Jan 23 and Feb 6.

The same figure is reflected in a breakdown of the poll according to the category of Muslims.

However, 57 percent of Chinese and 34 percent of Indians disagreed that the word is exclusively for Muslims, while 20 percent of Chinese and 12 percent of Indians agreed that it is.

As a whole, 52 percent of non-Muslims say the word Allah should not be only for Muslims.

Response to Bible burning

On Malay rights group Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali's call to seize and burn Bibles using the word Allah, 52 percent of Muslim respondents disagreed while 34 percent agreed.

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The Word Allah Is The Absolute Right of Muslims
Among non-Muslims, 63 percent disagreed with Ibrahim's call while 5 percent agreed. The survey has a margin of error of 3.07 percent.

Response to Government curbing racial sentiments

On whether the federal government was doing enough to curb racial sentiments, 52 percent said it was insufficient while only 39 percent thought otherwise, with the remainder being unsure or refused to answer.

Along racial lines, 42 percent of Malays, 68 percent of Chinese and 58 percent of Indians thought the government wasn't doing enough to cool racial sentiments.

In contrast, 51 percent of Malay, 16 percent of Chinese and 40 percent of Indian are satisfied with the present efforts.

Response to racial rhetoric benefitting BN

On whether racial rhetoric benefited BN, 42 percent of respondents answered "No", 36 percent answered "Yes" and 8 percent said "Maybe", while the rest did not give an opinion.

From a racial breakdown, 42 percent of Malays answered in the positive that race rhetoric was benefiting BN while another 35 percent disagreed.

In contrast, 54 percent of Chinese and 41 percent of Indians did not think racial rhetoric was benefiting the ruling coalition, while 22 percent of Chinese and 38 percent of Indians believe it to be true.

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