Muslimat to protest over 'sexual assault'

PAS' women's wing will organise a protest together with other women non-governmental organisations if the authorities do not take immediate action on allegations that women activists had been assaulted, mistreated and denied their rights while in police custody.

In a tersely-worded statement issued today, the wing also demanded that Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and inspector-general of police Ismail Omar apologise for the incident for the “kebiadaan” (ill-bred conduct) of the police personnel involved.

“Muslimat PAS calls for Hishamuddin Hussien as the minister responsible to immediately order the inspector general of police to investigate the claims and take severe action against all the police personnel involved in the immoral, ill-bred and un-Islamic incident that disrespected the dignity of human beings and set aside the recommendations of the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission),” said Muslimat information chief Aiman Athirah Al-Jundi.

Kenapa tak buka?'

Three activists with PSM had yesterday lodged a complaint with the police disciplinary board alleging they had been mistreated, abused and subject to sexual harassment while in detention following a party roadshow in Penang.

G Packialetchumy, P Indra and P Jody had lodged their report at federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur, saying they had been forced to strip naked and change into the lock-up uniform within sight of two male personnel in an open area of the police lock-up at the Kepala Batas station.

As soon as we arrived at the lock-up, we took turns to go into the lobby. I saw over 10 female and two male officers," said Packialetchumy, who claimed she was then ordered to take off her clothes.

She said that both the male officers, who were standing about two metres away, had repeatedly shouted "Buka, kenapa tak buka?" (Take off, why aren't you taking off?).

"When I refused to, a female officer stepped up and pulled at my clothes," a furious Pakialetchumy, 40, said. She then stood at the back of a female officer to change into the lock-up gear as instructed. In her complaint, Jodie, 51, alleged that a male police officer had kicked her in the leg when she initially refused to obey the order. Indra, 53, claimed a police personnel tried to pulled her pants off. They said they believed the same thing happened to the other female detainees.

'Law of retaliation'

Stripping detainees as happened with the three women is something that happens repetitively. "The Home Minister and IGP should be embarrassed as they have failed to ensure that their staff and personnel do not commit such shameful actions. "This includes using force such as punching and kicking the detainees,” said Aiman Athirah.

She also suggested that as punishment, the police personnel involved be subjected to the same treatment as to serve as a lesson on the meaning of respect for human beings. “The Home Minister and IGP should demonstrate real earnestness in solving problems like this and ensure they do not occur. Heavier penalties should be considered against the police personnel and officers involved, such as imposing 'qisas' (law of retaliation) on them by forcing them to strip.”

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