No Room For Religious And Racial Extremism In Selangor

Selangor Menteri Besar (chief minister) Dato' Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali unequivocally stated that there is no room for religious and racial extremism in Selangor.

He said that Selangor is referred to as the epi-centre of people with different races and faith and the State Government is duty bound to protect the harmony and tolerance amongst all races and religious communities in the State.

He made these statements at the Selangor State Government Christmas Open House held at Klang, Selangor, last night.

Archbishop Julian, Monsignor Lonut with YB Elizabeth Wong and others
Earlier, YB Elizabeth Wong, Organising Chairman of the event welcomed all guests that included His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow, Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur and Monsignor Lonut, chargé d'affaires of the Vatican Embassy, Kuala Lumpur.

Azmin in his message said that;

1.  “It is our commitment to continue to support religious institutions of various faiths in Selangor. Since I took office in September 2014, I have doubled the State Government's allocation to support repairs and renovations of non-Muslim places of worship from RM 3 million to RM 6 million this year. I am happy to announce that for 2016, the same amount has been maintained.

2.  The State Government has also approved RM 200,000 for the ongoing construction of the office and chapel of Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM).

3.  As we approach Christmas, let us be reminded that while it is a season for receiving, it is more importantly a time for giving.

4.  Indeed, there should be joy and celebration but let us not forget the needy and the poor. They need joy and celebration too and this is where the giving, the charity and the generosity are crucial.

5.  Let us spare our thoughts for those who are going through difficult times especially now with the rainy season and the floods in various parts of the state.

6.  There are many homeless people out there always wondering about when and where they will get their next meal, not to mention their shelter from the storm.

7.  As we are a multiracial and multi-religious society, Christmas, like the other religious celebrations, is a special time to promote better mutual understanding. Non-Christians should make it a point to visit Christian friends. Take this opportunity to think of the common ground we have rather than differences.

8.  This administration is based on justice and moderation. Let us give priority to the matters that will contribute positively to mutual peace and harmony. And let us shun those things that cause suspicion, intolerance and hostility and let the spirit of goodwill and unity prevail at all times.

9.  A great 19th century writer once said:

“Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.”

10. Therefore Christmas should be honoured in the heart so that you can keep it all the year round.

11. Finally, let me take this moment to wish all of our Christian colleagues “Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year” and may the season bring you and your family joy and happiness.”

The Chief Minister then proceeded to hand out cash contributions to various religious and social welfare groups and institutions.Christmas carols, hymns and dances were performed by various Christian churches and other groups.

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