Prema Joseph's Notes: CLS Annual Retreat 2007

The Catholic Lawyers’ Society held their annual retreat from 30.8.2007 to 2.9.2007 at the Pekan Bungalow in Fraser’s Hill. The picturesque hill resort set amidst lush foliage provided a restful and serene setting for the spiritual experience attended by 14 lawyers.

The retreat, themed “Evaluating and Valuing our Christian growth” was conducted by Rev. Fr. David Reegon (Ofm).

The evaluation process of an individual’s spiritual growth was looked at from 3 dimensions namely the Inward Spiritual Life, the Outward Spiritual Life and finally the Corporate Spiritual Life. To enable us to exercise the disciplines of these lifes Fr. Reegon shared some of the necessary tools e.g. meditation, prayer, fasting, word of God, rosary etc. There was great emphasis on scripture, the life of saints, the teachings of the church and the power of the eucharist in all the sessions.

The challenge for all participants was on the 3rd day when we were led to a life of solitude (for 4 hours) to experience God in the “wilderness”. Somewhat excited and at the same time unsure on what to expect we set out to find our own quiet spot amidst nature armed only with our bibles. The experience was indeed gratifying, judging from the spiritual insights obtained during this time.

Worshipping and praying together with our peer groups was emphasized as essentials for our corporate spiritual life.

The participants were also privileged to join Fr. Reegon in celebrating the 7th Anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood on 31.8.2007. Fr. Reegon also presented each of us with a spiritual book entitled “The Return of the Prodigal Son” by Henri Nouwen and Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church as reflection tools to continue the spiritual walk we had begun.

It was the general consensus of the group that the retreat helped all of us to a deep experience of God’s love for us and stirred in us the desire to be authentic Christians in the world. As we embarked on our journey downhill, suffice to say that each of us carried with us a deep sense of fulfillment for a time well spent.

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