PSM Press Statement: EO6 Release – Victory Of The People

On behalf of the party, PSM would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the brave people for all their effort, solidarity, support and struggle in ensuring the release of our six comrades.

The massive support came from all quarters – the civil society movements, the NGOs, the legal assistance from the lawyers, Pakatan Rakyat Parties the DAP, PKR, PAS as well as PRM, also individuals from BN like Khairy Jamaluddin, individuals in GERAKAN, MCA and MIC, the great solidarity of the International Community as well as the international socialist parties all over the world.

We thank all those who have sent letters, solidarity message and participated in online petition, those who lodged police reports, send in memorandum, collected signatures, spoke out, held nightly vigils, held prayers and kept protesting the arrest.

We dedicate this release to all these brave people in Malaysia and all over the world, They are the true heroes who released our 6 comrades.This is a victory for all those who demanded for change and stood up against oppression. We are humbled by this great support, courage and solidarity.

1. We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the wardens and the policemen who according to our released comrades took very good care of them and treated them  well and with respect. The problem is not with the lower ranking policeman but it is with the top level of the police force.  We call for the immediate resignation of IGP and especially the Deputy IGP who we consider were the main actors in  manufacturing lies and fabricating evidence to punish PSM and the EO6.

They have lied to the Malaysians in the last 34 days that:
i. PSM is waging war against DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.
ii. PSM is trying to revive the MCP
iii. PSM is working with foreign agents elements to topple the Government
iv. PSM is the ‘penggerak’ or the main organiser of BERSIH

Because of this manipulation, the IGP and the DIGP should resign.

2. The arrest and the detention of the PSM 6 is unlawful, illegal and in bad faith. The central committee of the Party will discuss with our lawyer on the next course of action with regards to this.

3. We call for the AG to drop the case against of the 24 others PSM members and grassroots people who have been charged on other ridiculous charge related to BERSIH especially in distributing Bersih leaflets. BERSIH was only declared illegal by the Home Ministry on 2 July whereas the 24 were arrested on 25 June. It is therefore a waste of public funds and we call upon the AG to drop this case.

4. We call for the repeal of the EO, ISA and Dangerous Drug Act special prevention measures which allows detention without trial. All detention without trial laws should go. Charge the detainees or release them.

5. PSM will next embark on nationwide tour to explain the true reason behind the arrest and continue our call – Udahlah tu... bersaralah. We are going nationwide to thank the people for their support as well as explain to the people on the conspiracy against PSM


Released by
Secretary General
Parti Sosialis Malaysia

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