Red Mass 2013 At Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu

For some 'Red Mass' seems to be strange and unfamiliar. To a few, it may spark different perceptions as to what this celebration is all about.

But for the Catholic lawyers around Sabah, the Eucharistic celebration on last Saturday has been an event to look forward at every start of the year.

Red Mass, in its second time being organised here in the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu, is the Eucharistic celebration dedicated for those who are in the legal profession.

It is being a 'Red' Mass', as the Church prays to impart the Holy Spirit and empower lawyers of the gift of prudence.

For Archbishop John Wong, this was his first Red Mass after assuming the archbishopric of the Archdiocese about a month ago. In his homily the prelate encouraged the lawyers to allow thier Christian faith to influence thier profession. He continued, whilst reminding all of the worldly influences that could tarnish the legal profession, he says that being a lawyer is not just a profession. "As lawyer, you are entrusted to defend and uphold the principle of justice."

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Red Mass 2013 Kota Kinabalu - Procession (1)
To link the event to the Year of Faith, the prelate expressed his hope that the Catholic Lawyers Apostolate will organise an event for the Year of Faith. The YOF is a time to reflect on what we actually believe in and be strengthened. "When you are firm in your faith, you will find that your profession as administrators of justice will be a blessing to you and society," said the Archbishop.

For Vanessa, Cindy and Cynthia, being second time joining such event, they are happy to have such occasion where they have the opportunity to celebrate meaningfully, being lawyers and as Christians. Asked if they will join again if the mass is being celebrated and hosted by the Sandakan Diocese, they say 'Yes, certainly we will go.'

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