Red Mass Celebrations In East Malaysia And Brunei

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Red Mass Brunei

Whilst many celebrated Valentine's day and its eve with loved ones, the Catholic lawyers in Brunei, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching instead celebrated their vocation at the Red Mass.

The Red Mass was organised for the first time in the Apostolic Vicariate of Brunei on 13th February 2015 and at the Archdiocese of Kuching on 14th February 2015.

Coincidentally, the Red Mass at Kota Kinabalu was celebrated at the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu on 14th February 2015.

This is the 3rd Red Mass celebrated by the Archdiocese of KK who held their inaugural mass in 2013.

In Brunei the Mass was celebrated by the Bishop of Brunei, Bishop Cornelius Sim, and con-celebrated by Rev Fr. Arin Sugit. The Mass which was held at the Church of the Assumption was attended by approximately 10 lawyers together with 15 parishioners and family members of the lawyers. Fellowship then followed after the conclusion of the Mass. There are approximately 20 Catholic lawyers in Brunei and assurances were made to garner more Catholic lawyers to actively participate in the church affairs of the vicariate. Joy Appukuttan represented CLS at this Red Mass.

The Red Mass at Kota Kinabalu was held at the Church of St Simon and presided by Archbishop John Wong, Archbishop of Kota Kinabalu. Francis Pereira, Meriam Alfonso, Janice Anne and Trevor Padasian attended the Red Mass on behalf of CLS. Approximately 50 over Catholic lawyers and their families attended the Mass. This was followed by fellowship and refreshment. Archbishop John Wong in his brief speech after the mass said he was glad that the Red Mass was organised in Kora Kinabalu and looked forward to greater collaboration with the CLS. 

The inaugural Red Mass in Kuching was held at the Church of the Holy Trinity. The Red Mass was presided by Archbishop John Ha, Archbishop of Kuching and con-celebrated by Rev. Fr. Patrick Heng. Approximately 50 lawyers attended the mass together with over 100 Catholic faithful. Tea and light refreshments ensued after the mass. During the fellowship, Perpetua Phang spoke on behalf of the Catholic lawyers and thanked all for attending. There was great emphasis to develop a Catholic lawyers group in Sarawak. Joachim Xavier and Joy Appukuttan attended the Red Mass on behalf of CLS. 

It is hoped that the Red Mass would serve as the starting point towards the establishment of Catholic lawyers' group in the respective archdioceses and vicariate.

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