The Scriptures on your smartphone

This news is only a few days old. The ‘iBreviary - Pro Terra Sancta’, the most popular app (short for application) in the Catholic world has “landed” on Windows Phone 7 smartphone and is therefore now available on mobiles with Microsoft operating systems.

These can now be added to the list of devices that can already run the app such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry and Android phones. “We have expanded the ‘machine-fairground’” stated happily the creator of iBreviary, Fr. Paolo Padrini.

iBreviary is a unique software. It is the first official Catholic prayer app for smartphone and tablet. Thanks to the collaboration of the Custody of the Holy Land (a group of Franciscan missionaries at the service of the Holy Land), Paolo Padrini’s app can deliver the breviary prayer and all liturgical texts on smartphones. iBreviary offers all Catholics the opportunity to pray by reading the ‘official breviary’ (the Liturgy of the Hours in Roman and Ambrosian rite). All useful passages are made available day by day. The app can also be used to attend mass since it includes all Liturgical Celebrations writings (Lectionary).

The graphical user interface is available in Italian and English and gives the possibility to pray in six different languages, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Rumanian and Latin (for example the Vetus Ordo texts). The app includes also some of the most important writings in Franciscan tradition, not to mention liturgical prayers and specific blessings used in different holy places.

iBreviary is used by dozens of cardinals and Bishops, hundreds to priests, friars and seminarists. The Holy See has often commented positively on this state-of-the-art  initiative.

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