Update On Fr. Paulino's Case

Come Tuesday, 18 September 2012 at 9 am, the PJ Sessions Court judge Puan Hayatul Akmal Binti Abdul Aziz will decide if Fr. Paulino Miranda has to enter his defence to the charge of participating in an ‘unlawful assembly’.

21 prosecution witnesses were called and testified at the trial that spanned over 25 days. The prosecution had closed its case and Judge Hayatul then heard submissions from counsels on whether the prosecution has made out a prima facie case against all the accused.

Fr, Paulino Miranda is amongst 21 people on trial on the charge that they took part in an assembly in Petaling Jaya on October 9 2008 and refused to disperse after a police order to do so. The charge is framed under section 27(5) and section 27(4) of the Police Act 1967 which have since been amended and replaced. Despite the change in the law and a request to drop the charges, the prosecution has decided to continue with the action against Fr. Paulino.

If Judge Hayatul rules against the prosecution, Fr Paulino will be free. However, if she rules otherwise, Fr Paulino will be called to enter his defence.

Fr. Paulino is represented by CLS Past President, Francis Pereira. The CLS will continue to keep Fr Paulino and the other 20 men and women who have been jointly accused with him in prayers.

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