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Creation datesort icon Title Author Filename
The St Augustine Rule 397 St Augustine
The Holy Rule of St Benedict c.530 Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino
1223 Jan 1 Rule of the Franciscan Order St Francis of Assisi
1228 Jan 1 Primitive Constitutions of the Dominicans 1228 St Dominic,
1247 Oct 1 The Rule of Saint Albert 1247 Albert, Saint
1253 Jan 1 The Rule of St Clare St Clare of Assisi
1540 Sep 27 Constitution of the Society of Jesus Society of Jesus
1957 Jan 1 Report of the Federation of Malaya Constitutional Commission 1957 Lord William Reid
1963 Sep 12 Sabah 20-point Agreement Donald Stephens (Tun Fuad Stephens)
1963 Sep 16 Federal Constitution of Malaysia Malaysia
1974 Jan 1 Constitutions and Ordinations of the Dominicans 1974 Dominicans
1981 Jun 23 Constitution of the State of Sarawak Part II Sarawak
1986 Jul 23 Constitutions of the Redemptorists Redemptorists
1987 Jan 15 The Rule of the Lay Fraternities of St Dominic 1987 Order of Friar Preachers (Benedictines)
1995 Jan 1 Constitutions of the Carmelite Order Carmelite Order
2000 Aug 6 Constitutions to the Rule of St Benedict Order of St Benedict
2005 Aug 14 The Legal Implications of Conversion to Islam Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia
2006 Jan 1 Laws of Malaysia Act 67 - Civil Law Act 1956 Malaysia
2006 Jan 1 Laws of Malaysia Act 82 - Internal Security Act 1960 Malaysia
2006 Jan 1 Laws of Malaysia Act 88 - Official Secrets Act 1972 Malaysia