Parish Trains Voters To Spot Election Fraud

Some 50 Catholics participated in a voters’ education program organized yesterday by the Parish Human Development Committee of Penang’s City Parish.

Volunteers from a civil society action group called Tindak Malaysia conducted the program that included how to protect the secrecy of one’s vote and how to contribute toward free and fair election.

The session, held at the Church of the Assumption in Penang, also included role play on the voting process, in which participants familiarized themselves with the roles of voting clerks, polling agents, election officers and the voters.

Parish priest Father Dominic Santhiyagu said the parish organized the event to bring awareness to parishioners on their rights as voters.

According to Lucia Lai, member of the parish committee, many voters are not aware of the voting process, and the training prepares them to detect any discrepancies during the voting process such as seeing markings on their ballot papers, and when and how to protest discrepancies.

General elections in Malaysia are expected sometime this year.

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